January 1984- NFTA Board of Commissioners authorizes the creation of the NFTA Transit Police.

December 1984- The first 35 officers begin patrols of Metro bus routes and the not-yet completed Metro Rail System.

April 1985- Metro Rail opens, expanding the force's duties. Later, officers are assigned to the Greater Buffalo International Airport.

1986- The first K-9 team is appointed. The unit will grow to the current eight officers and dogs. Seven are trained in bomb detection and one in drug detection.

1988- Officers are assigned to patrol the Metropolitan Transportation Center in downtown Buffalo.

June 1993- Detective Bureau established. The department's responsibilities are again expanded to include the Niagara Falls International Airport and Niagara Falls Bus Terminal.

1996- Community Oriented Police Services (COPS) unit is formed. Bike Patrol also launches.

1997- The new Buffalo Niagara International Airport opens, increasing the Department's responsibilities

2007- Emergency Response Team (ERT) is created to support officers in high-risk situations.

2009- The new Niagara Falls International Airport opens.

2010- Counter Terrorism Unit formed.