1. Develop a working relationship with other law enforcement agencies, the patrons of our transportation system,the Buffalo Niagara business community and the Buffalo Board of Education.
  2. Work with other local agencies to evaluate and update the response to large-scale emergencies through disaster planning and incident command procedures.
  3. Identify and minimize crime in our jurisdiction through collaborative problem solving efforts
  4. Develop new ways to involve the police department in the community
  5. Increase training, staff capabilities and promote professionalism.
  6. Continue to review and update policy and procedures to keep pace with legal issues and changes. 
  7. Update an awards program for the Transit Police Department in order to provide recognition for our officers.


  1. To train all Transit Police Officers in the Community Law Enforcement Interaction Program.
  2. To minimize crime and create a safer atmosphere for the the traveling public by educating the community and deploying manpower as needed.
  3. To incorporate all Transit police officers in collaborative problem solving strategies by disseminating Community Policing training methods through our assigned Community Policing Division.
  4. To create an intelligence network between the Transit Police and other area law enforcement agencies. This objective will include the prosecution of criminals.
  5. Use a proactive approach to crime, which emphasizes public safety and prevention.