NFT, Metro Systems Inc.

NFT Metro System, Inc.
181 Ellicott Street Buffalo, New York 14203
Phone: 716.855.7300
TDD / Relay 711 or 800.622.1220

The Surface Transportation Business Unit is responsible for all ground-based transportation services operated and provided by NFTA. Such services include public fixed-route bus and rail routes, paratransit and other non-traditional transit services, and intercity bus terminals in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Surface Transportation units include Metro (fixed-route bus and rail), Marketing, Service Planning, Special Services (paratransit and MetroLink), Transportation Centers, and Customer Service.

The mission of the Surface Transportation Business Unit is to enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors by providing the highest level of safe, clean, affordable, responsive and reliable public transportation through a coordinated and convenient bus and rail system. Our vision is to support the effective coordination and partnership with public and private entities in continuously improving transportation services to promote regional growth. The range of mobility services we will provide includes traditional bus and rail lines, circulator routes, employer shuttles, paratransit, bicycle programs and pedestrian enhancements. Our goal is to achieve a reputation as the best transit system in the United States.